“Finca Tamana” by Tim Wendelboe

DKK 350,00



The Finca Tamana book gives you a good overview over all the work we have done and plan to do with Elias Roa at Finca Tamana in Huila, Colombia.

The book has a lot of beautiful pictures and gives the reader a good insight in to how much work lies behind a great cup of coffee.

Finca Tamana is by far our biggest project so far when it comes to working at farm level with quality control.

Here are some of the things we have been working on that are described in the book:

1. Improved the picking and implemented sorting of all cof- fee cherries before it is delivered and processed. The pickers are paid a lot more in order to do a more selective picking. We have also built sorting tables so that the pickers don’t have to sit on the ground while sorting the cherries before they are delivered for processing.

2. Improved and cleaned up the wet process in order to make sure the product is clean.

3. Improved the drying process by drying the coffee in shade for 30 – 40 days instead of the normal 6 days. This helps keep the coffee fresh for a lot longer.

4. Improved logistics and storage by storing the coffee in cooler climates.

5. Improved the milling of the coffee. We are now separating the different screen sizes within a lot in order to make a more uniform roast of the coffee.

6. Separated all daily pickings and varieties. A daily picking is now only of one variety and is processed, dried and kept separate in storage. We cup through all daily pickings and build lots based on cupping score, harvest date and cultivar.