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About Europa 1989

Cafe Europa 1989 has been active in the specialty coffee industry since 1989.

“In 2003 Jens Nørgaard and Martin Hildebrandt from cafe Europa 1989 decided to start up CCA, the Copenhagen Coffee Academy. Through their search to know more about coffee, milk and other related products, the aim was to make a contribution to the specialty coffee culture. The objective was to conjoin gastronomy and the world of wine with the specialty coffee world.”

You can read our coffee history in the “Cafe Europa 1989 Cookbook”, or you can read it here.

“We want the cafe to be characterized by long-term consistency and we expect it to resemble itself from one year to the next. Cafe Europa 1989 should be a manifestation of both the tenor of the times and the timeless.”

You can read the rest of the foreword to the “Cafe Europa 1989 Cookbook” here.

“When we started Europa in 1989, it was important to us to serve tea as a simple hot drink. It took some time for our guests to get comfortable with the samovar tea we were serving. Tea doesn’t need to be consumed in a pompous ritual. Tea ought to be enjoyed for its taste.”