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Nutrition policy


Cafe Europa 1989 KantinerEuropa 1989 canteens prepares healthy lean and varied food which meets the need for vitamins, minerals and carbohydrates the bode needs.

Dietists are linked to our canteens and they educate our chefs on a regular basis.






We believe in the 6 basic advises about diet:

  • Eat fruit and vegetables – 6 a day
  • Eat fish –several times each week
  • Eat potatoes, rice, pasta and wholemeal bread –everyday
  • Cut down sugar – especially from sodas, candy and cakes
  • Eat varied and keep your normal weight
  • When thirsty – drink water




We prefer organic green, meat and fruit. In many of our canteens we have a 60%+ organic kitchen.






Food safety

Here are our control reports from the local Danish food council:

Ministry of Integration and Social Affairs 20.02.2014
Environmental Protection Agency 14.05.2014
Danish Health and Medicines Authority 26.08.2015
Tietgens Hus 16.02.2016
Danish Patent and Trademark Office 16.06.2015
Agency for the Modernisation of Public Administration 09.09.2016
Ministry of Higher Education and Science 19.11.2014
National Board of Industrial Injuries 28.03.2014
The Danish FSA 04.05.2015