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Aeropress DM 2010 på Europa 1989

Aeropress DM 2010 på cafe Europa 1989Den 6/6-2010 afholdtes AEROPRESS DM 2010 på cafe Europa 1989.

Programmet var:

18.00 Velkommen, dommerbriefing, lodtrækning

18.05 Konkurrencestart: 1. deltager til forberedelse

19.30 AeroPress DM resultat

N.B. Opdaterede regler (WAC). (se nedenfor)


Vi bruger samme regler, som bruges til World AeroPress Championship i London (nedenfor). Hvis de laver ændringer i reglerne vil vi rette tilsvarende til i reglerne for AeroPress DM.

Vi gør opmærksom på, at alle kan stille op til WAC, også de som ikke deltager i AeroPress DM. Men der er et begrænset antal pladser.
Nummer 1 og 2 i Aeropress DM er dog sikret en af de begrænsede pladser til konkurrencen i London. Læs mere om World AeroPress Championship.

Mere information kommer løbende, så hold øje med hjemmesiden.


The Aeropress competition is designed to, not only showcase the AeroPress itself, but to challenge competitors to brew the best tasting, most balanced cup of filter style coffee. It is designed to be a relaxed competition, with the emphasis on the abilities of the person’s brewing technique and having a good time.

  • everyone uses the same coffee. 250g of the coffee will be pre-shipped for the competitor to play around with. For the Danish AeroPress competition the used coffee will be: “Shades of September” microlot, Blackburn Estate, Tanzania. The coffee you will use for the competition will be roasted 4 days prior to the competition: Wednesday June 2nd.
  • You can purchase the Blackburn coffee at Kontra Coffee, Dag Hammarskjölds Alle 36, 2100 Østerbro. If you know another place that sells this coffee please let us know (email: [email protected]) and we will post it here on this page, under this topic. You can see more information about the coffee below.
  • 250g of the coffee will be pre-shipped for the competitor to play around with.
  • The required volume of the drink is 2dl. No added ingredients are allowed.
  • All competitors will have a 5 minute preparation time.
  • To ensure the drinks are served at a similar time, the clock will count down 3 minutes. Failure to serve the drink in that time will mean disqualification. The technique used by the competitor must be in writing and given to the judges.
  • The supplied equipment will be a Tanzania grinder and a water boiler/ kettle. Competitors are welcome to bring their own grinder and kettle. Any modifications to the actual Aeropress will need to be authorized by the Head Judge and if need be, Alan Adler himself.
  • Any water is allowed. The supplied water at Europa 1989 is revitalized Grander water.
  • After comp time, a second AeroPress needs to be made for the audience – this isn’t judged, but will help to involve audience in some way.


Region: Oldeani
By: Karatu
Ejer: Michael Gehrken
Kvalitet: “Shades of September” microlot
Type: Bourbon,Kent
Forarbejdning: Vasket og siden tørret på “raised drying beds”
Væksthøjde: 1760 meter over havet