Experience Evening Magic
& Culinary Delights


Experience our small and large dishes in the evening. 
Get served an eminent food experience inside the cafe, or head out to our cozy cafe area in the middle of Copenhagen’s city life on Strøget.

(G) = Glutenfree (P) = Pescetarian (Vt) = Vegetarian (V) = Vegan

Evening - 17:00 - 22:00
Classics - 11:30 - 22:00
  • Europa's green summer salad (V) 178,-

    Mixed salad, mustard vinaigrette, artichoke, tomato, fava beans, croutons, radishes, cantaloupe melon.
    Sourdough, rye or gluten free bread

  • Chevre Chaud (Vt) 196,-

    Goat’s cheese, avocado, pickled pear, walnuts, mixed salad, haritcots verts, chickpeas, cherry tomato, croutons, honey-mustard dressing.
    Sourdough, rye or gluten free bread

  • Caesar salad Europa 1989 196,-

    Heart salad, chicken, parmesan, pepper bacon, croutons, caesar dressing.
    Sourdough, rye or gluten free bread

Served in a brioche bun wih coleslaw
Sweet & Cheese
  • Selection of Danish cheeses 139,-

    with garnish

  • Rhubarb trifle 67,-

    in a glass

  • Pavlova (G) 79,-

    Meringue, whipped cream, mint, lemon curd, berries, raspberry coulis

  • Cheesecake 79,-

    with blackberry jelly

  • Gateau Marcel (G) 75,-
  • Pancakes 79,-

    with vanilla ice cream

  • Affogato 68,-

    Espresso and vanilla ice cream

  • Macaron 18/30/40,-

    1 pcs./2 pcs./3pcs.

  • White chocolate ganache 28,-

    1 pcs./2 pcs.

  • Cafe Gourmand (G) 138,-

    Macaron, hvid chokolade ganache, chocolate cake and coffee

  • Ice Cream 49/69/89,-

    Choose 1, 2 or 3 scoops of ice cream from today’s selection


Cafe Europa 1989

Let Cafe EUROPA 1989 set the stage for your evening, where we invite you to explore our exciting dinner menu with a passion for authentic European culinary culture. We take pride in presenting a diverse selection of flavourful dishes that reflect the culinary diversity of Europe.

We look forward to welcoming you!

Opening hours

Cafe EUROPA 1989 is located on Strøget – right by Storkespringvandet.
The address is Amagertorv 1, 1160 Copenhagen.

The cafe's opening hours
07:45 - 23:00
07:45 - 23:00
07:45 - 23:00
07:45 - 24:00
07:45 - 24:00
07:45 - 24:00
08:45 - 22:00
The kitchen's opening hours
07:45 - 22:00
08:45 - 21:00

On public holidays we are open as if it was a Sunday.


Easy dinner?

If you’re looking for a delicious meal in the evening, focusing on the best ingredients, you can always order food for pick-up. You’re guaranteed authentic classics inspired by the charming cities around Europe, where the taste experience takes center stage.

Call the cafe and place your order:

+45 31 79 19 89

A Taste of
Cafe EUROPA 1989

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Try our
3-course menu 295,-

-Green gazpacho soup (V)

main course
-Boeuf Bourguignon

-lemon cheesecake