Enjoy cultural
classics for lunch


Experience our small and large dishes in the middle of the day.
Enjoy an exceptional dining experience inside the cafe or relax in our cozy cafe area amidst the vibrant Copenhagen city life on Strøget.

(G) = Glutenfree (P) = Pescetarian (Vt) = Vegetarian (V) = Vegan

Brunch - Until 14:00
We recommend: mimosa, bloody mary or champagne
  • Europa Brunch 248,-

    Eggs Benedict, pepper bacon, ham, smoked salmon, Vesterhavs cheese, Gammel Knas cheese, jam, feta cheese, avocado, toasted rye bread, tomato, yogurt, granola, honey, berries, fresh fruit, almonds, mixed salad, sourdough bun, rye bread, butter

  • Vegetarian Brunch (Vt) 248,-

    Eggs Benedict, spinach, broccoli quiche, Vesterhavs cheese, Gammel Knas cheese, jam, feta cheese, avocado, toasted rye bread, tomato, yogurt, granola, honey, berries, fresh fruit, almonds, mixed salad, sourdough bun, rye bread, butter

Smørrebrød- 11:30 - 17:00
We recommend: draft beer and snaps
Smørrebrød can be served on gluten-free rye bread
  • Marinated Herring (P) 108,-

    Capers, red onions, soft boiled egg and dill

  • Smoked salmon with trout roe (P) 148,-

    Smoked cheese, green asparagus, dill, lime

  • Egg salad and shrimps (P) 148,-

    Egg, hand-peeled shrimps, radish, dill mayo, dill

  • Fillet Of Plaice (P) 148,-

    Breaded plaice fillet, remoulade, cucumber salad, dill, lemon

  • Fillet Of Plaice with shrimps (P) 169,-

    Breaded plaice fillet, remoulade, cucumber salad, dill, lemon

  • Toast Skagen (P) 178,-

    Shrimps, trout roe, creamy dressing, dill, chervil, toasted brioche

  • Avocado (V) 138,-

    Toasted rye bread with avocado, grilled bell, peppers, baked tomatoes, vegan mayonnaise, lemon, sesame, cress

  • Chicken Salad 148,-

    Chicken turned in a creamy dressing, mushrooms, asparagus, cucumber salad, bacon, red onion, kapers, herbs

  • Tomato on bread (Vt) 148,-

    Toasted rye bread, sun-dried toma- toes, smoked cheese, shallots, radish, chives

  • Potato on bread (Vt) 128,-

    New potatoes, mayonnaise, roasted onion, pickled red onion, pea shoots

  • Løvemad 178,-

    Tartare of top round beef, red onion, capers, horseradish, egg yolk

  • Roastbeef 168,-

    Fried onion, remoulade, freshly grated horseradish

Classics - 11:30 - 21:00
  • Greek feta cheese salad (V) 178,-

    Tomato, cucumber, shallots, melon, oregano, olives, sumac

  • Chevre Chaud (Vt) 196,-

    Goat’s cheese, avocado, pickled pear, walnuts, mixed salad, haritcots verts, chickpeas, cherry tomato, croutons, honey-mustard dressing.
    Sourdough, rye or gluten free bread

  • Caesar salad Europa 1989 196,-

    Heart salad, chicken, parmesan, pepper bacon, croutons, caesar dressing.
    Sourdough, rye or gluten free bread


    Organic sourdough bread, ham, North Sea Cheese, tomato and side salad (Fried egg on Madame)


    Organic sourdough bread with bechamel, grilled peppers, North Sea Cheese, tomato and side salad
    With fried egg: +11,-

Served in a brioche bun wih coleslaw
Sweet & cheese
  • Selection of Danish cheeses 139,-

    with garnish

  • Rhubarb trifle 67,-

    in a glass

  • Pavlova (G) 79,-

    Meringue, whipped cream, mint, lemon curd, berries, raspberry coulis

  • Cheesecake 79,-

    with blackberry jelly

  • Gateau Marcel (G) 75,-
  • Pancakes 79,-

    with vanilla ice cream

  • Affogato 68,-

    Espresso and vanilla ice cream

  • Macaron 18/30/40,-

    1 pcs./2 pcs./3pcs.

  • White chocolate ganache 28,-

    1 pcs./2 pcs.

  • Cafe Gourmand (G) 138,-

    Macaron, hvid chokolade ganache, chocolate cake and coffee

  • Ice Cream 49/69/89,-

    Choose 1, 2 or 3 scoops of ice cream from today’s selection

All coffee & tea are from EUROPA Kaffe & Te.
  • Espresso 30/40,-


  • Cortado 43/53,-


  • Americano 40/50,-


  • Caffè latte 53/63,-


  • Cappuccino 53/63,-


  • Filter coffee 40/38,-


  • Tea in glass black/Green 39/47,-

    25/50 cl

  • Mint tea/Ginger tea 49,-
  • Pot of tea 69,-

    Ask your waiter about our selection

  • Hot chocolate 59,-
  • Elderflower 49,-
  • Irish Coffee 99/129,-

    Jameson 4/6 cl

We use organic 1.5% skimmed milk from Naturmælk for all our coffee drinks. Lactose free milk and oat drink available.
Cold beverages
  • Lemonade 49/59,-

    Ginger & lime – 25/50 cl

  • Lemonade 49/59,-

    Rhubarb – 25/50 cl

  • Vegetable juice 49/72,-

    Seasonal – 25/50 cl

  • Orange juice 49/72,-

    Squeezed 25/50 cl

  • Apple juice 49/65,-

    Cold pressed – 25/50 cl

  • Elderflower 49/59,-

    25/50 cl

  • Coca Cola, Zero, Sprite, Orangina 48,-
  • Nordic Water 48,-

    Sparkling Amber Water

  • Ramlösa Premium 48,-


  • Ice latte 58,-
  • Irish ice latte 99/129,-

    Jameson - 4cl/6cl

  • Homemade ice tea 49/69,-
  • Fever-Tree 49,-

    Tonic/Pink tonic/Ginger beer

  • Ice water, 18/24/38,-

    revitalized Grander

Cafe Europa 1989

Our lunch menu is carefully crafted to satisfy every taste and preference. Whether you want to enjoy a light and delicate lunch dish, a classic European favorite, or an exciting vegetarian lunch, you can be sure that our cafe in the heart of Strøget in Copenhagen will delight your taste buds.

We look forward to welcoming you!

Opening hours

Cafe EUROPA 1989 is located on Strøget – right by Storkespringvandet.
The address is Amagertorv 1, 1160 Copenhagen.

The cafe's opening hours
07:45 - 23:00
07:45 - 23:00
07:45 - 23:00
07:45 - 24:00
07:45 - 24:00
07:45 - 24:00
08:45 - 22:00
The kitchen's opening hours
07:45 - 22:00
08:45 - 21:00

On public holidays we are open as if it was a Sunday.


Meetings at lunch o'clock?

Do you have a meeting that requires a top-class lunch? You can always order delicious, classic lunch dishes with a focus on European cuisine from us. Just make sure to place your order in advance, and we will have it ready for you when you arrive!

Call the cafe and place your order: +45 31 79 19 89

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Try our
3-course menu 295,-

-Green gazpacho soup (V)

main course
-Boeuf Bourguignon

-lemon cheesecake