Historically and culturally Europa extends – as you can tell from the map that hangs in the cafe – from Sicily to the North Cape and from Gibraltar to Ural. And in this spirit we have harvested the very best from various European cafe cultures: the traditional French café, the cake houses found in Vienna and Budapest, the Italian coffee menus and, of course, the culinary inspiration from the Spanish tapas, the Greek yogurts, traditional Nordic herring fillets, porridges and open-faced sandwiches and well, the entire spectrum of our multifaceted European cuisine.

Next step for us was to serve some of the classic European dishes. Carachteristics for these classics are that they are simple, have evolved through the times and that they represent the country from which they derive.

For us the seasons are important when serving classic European dishes. In winter time we serve dark and rich meals as Osso Buco, Gullasch and Bortsch. Spring calls for lamb and chicken, while a chilled gazpacho would suit the summer heat.

We serve one classic European dish every day from 11am.
The dishes will vary – you can always see which dish we serve on the wall by the door in the café.